How to Dispose of Old Washers & Dryers

The joy of owning a new energy-efficient washer and dryer combo can diminish every time you see your old appliances taking up precious space in the corner.

Environmentally Friendly Means

The new ones make the whole room look so much nicer.The new ones make the whole room look so much nicer.
In your fantasy world, you may close your eyes and dream that duo away to appliance heaven where the air is fluffy, soft and fragrant. The real world provides even better space-clearing options that help the environment, your community and even your bank account.

Step 1

Ask your home appliance retailer about their company recycling program when you purchase a new washer or dryer. Energy Star, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program, states that many retailers will remove your old appliances for free when delivering your new appliances. As an added bonus, they may even pay you cash for the old ones or give you a rebate.

Step 2

Scrap it with a recycler. Your community likely has recycling centers with experts who know how to recycle each part of your washer and dryer. Call your state energy office and ask for disposal recommendations.

Step 3

Enlist the help of a junk removal company to remove your washer and dryer sans your personal elbow grease. According to Ebsco Research, the junk removal industry is quickly adapting green practices, giving environmentally conscious homeowners some peace of mind. Call ahead and ask for a price estimate and a time window for the removal process. Expect to pay by volume or by the hour and to be present while the work team is at your home.

People Friendly Possibilities

Step 1

Donate your old yet still working washer and dryer set to a church or charity like The Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. You'll receive a tax break while helping someone in need. Plan to arrange a courier to collect your appliances and take them to the donation site, or maximize your gift by arranging delivery to the donation site yourself.

Step 2

Swap your old appliances for something else you can use. Organizations like The Freecycle Network allow users to post items they no longer need in order to trade them for items they know they'll use.

Step 3

Sell your old washer and dryer to put some cash in your pocket. Add the combo to your yard-sale inventory, advertise in your local newspaper or take advantage of free online resources like Ensure that your washer and dryer work before you list them, and clean them to maximize perceived value to the buyer.


  • Take advantage of to find locations and details for local recycling companies. Type your zip code in the website's search box and use the navigation tabs to help you find a company that meets your criteria.

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