How to Decorate Using a Vintage Vinyl Record

One of the sad side effects of the CD Age is the loss of those cool vinyl records.

Room Divider

But now these throwbacks from another musical era can be retooled as a cool part of any modern décor. Although these accessories go well matched with decorating styles from the 1950s to the '70s or '80s, they can be painted and made over to fit almost any time. And don't limit yourself to just the old black vinyl records. Be creative, and take advantage of colored records as well as those with celebrity photos imprinted on them.

Spice up a room divider by hanging old 33's and 45's on it.

Use thin wire or penny nails to hang the records.

This decorating technique works well if you're going for a retro look; many old records came in colors besides black. Try adding a few red or yellow 45's to break up the look of a divider wall covered with 33's.


Turn back time by using old 45's to make clocks. You can buy a clock kit at a craft store.

Use the record's center hole to attach the hands of the clock to the record; the position of the hole will automatically center the hands where they need to be. Glue them on using the super glue.

Attach the clock's number fixtures to the front of the record clock. At minimum you should have time markers at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions. These pieces should come with the clock kit.

Decorate the clock by gluing items like baseball cards, charm bracelets and rhinestones onto the front. This creates a decorative theme and can be adapted to the décor of the room.


Create a retro mobile by hanging vintage records from a frame by fastening dowels together with yarn, thin wire or vinyl string. You'll use the God's Eye craft technique to tie the dowels together (See Resources 3).

Paint the dowels for extra color. Add charms and other hanging objects to decorate the mobile.

Tie the records onto the dowels with the wire. Then hang it from the ceiling by a hook.


Determine who is the "fairest one of all" by making a mirror from an old 45 record; you'll glue a small mirror to the back of the record. The mirror will peek through the hole.

Paint the record for extra decorative oomph or glue on laminated photos of the artist whose records you used to make the mirror.

Hang the mirror using a hook purchased at a craft store.

Picture Frame

Salvage the shards of broken records by turning them into art.

Buy flat, inexpensive picture frames at the dollar store.

Glue the shards onto the frame for a cool, modern look. You can use colored records or paint some of the pieces to add color.

Things You Will Need

  • Vintage records
  • Clock parts
  • Bracelet charms
  • Rhinestones
  • Small mirror with no frame
  • Wooden dowels
  • Thin wire
  • Ceiling hook
  • Paint
  • Paint supplies
  • Dollar store picture frames
  • Glue


  • You can find old records at secondhand stores, online or at estate sales. In fact, estate sales are a great place to secure some of those hard-to-find 78's.

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