How to Use Frigidaire Dryer Rack

William Pullman

Clothes dryers are a convenient way to dry your clothing at home. Some items of clothing may be damaged when tumble dried and should not be put in most clothes dryers. Frigidaire designed a dryer rack for use in its dryers that allows users to dry items without tumbling. In addition, the dryer rack is convenient when you are not available to remove the clothing immediately when the drying cycle is complete, which reduces the chance of wrinkling.

  1. Open the dryer door and lift the lint filter out of the dryer. The lint screen compartment is used to hold the rack in place.

  2. Place the drying rack in the dryer by positioning the front bar under the lint screen opening and the back of the rack on the small shelving area in the back of the dryer.

  3. Lay your laundry on the rack with space between each item to allow air to flow evenly. Make sure the items do not hang over the ends of the rack or through the rack slots as they may be caught by the drum as it spins.

  4. Set the dryer to "Timed Dry" and input the amount of time you want the dryer to run. The "Automatic" feature on Frigidaire dryers will not work with the dryer rack.

  5. Pull the dryer rack out of the machine when you are finished and reinsert the lint filter.