How to Use the Samsung Dryer Rack

Daniella Lauren

Some sweaters and stuffed animals indicate that they should be air-dried after being washed.

Instead of waiting hours for that favorite sweater to be ready to wear, consider using your Samsung’s dryer rack instead, intended for quickly drying delicate items that can get stretched or become misshapen in a normal tumble-dry cycle.

  1. Open the dryer and hook the two rear legs of the drying rack into the indentations along the back drum wall of the dryer.

  2. Place the item to be dried on the center of the rack. Do not add any other items to the dryer.

  3. Select the “time dry” cycle based upon the dampness and type of item you are drying.

  4. Close the door and turn on the dryer.


When you select the “rack dry” cycle, the temperature will automatically be set on “extra low.” You can add more than one object to the drying rack, such as two stuffed animals, as long as they are not touching each other; the dryer works best when air is allowed to circulate around the items. If you press the “rack dry” and “wrinkle prevent” buttons at the same time for three seconds, you will have the option to change the language on the display. Select the “air fluff” setting for items such as stuffed toys, foam rubber pillows and sneakers that may contain plastic.