How to Mount a Microwave on the Wall

Despite being one of the most useful kitchen appliances, microwaves can be big eyesores that take up a large amount of counter space. Whether you need more counter space for meal preparation or you just want to give your kitchen a clean, seamless feel, the solution may be to mount your microwave to the wall. The best place to mount a microwave is under a cabinet; the cabinet will provide support that can hold the microwave's weight. The mounting process is simple and should take no more than 30 minutes.


  1. Purchase a mounting plate for the microwave at any hardware or home appliance store. Be sure to purchase a plate that is large enough to fit your particular microwave.

  2. Locate the center of the area where you plan to install the wall mount with a tape measure. Mark this spot with a pencil.

  3. Locate the studs in the wall by using the stud finder. If you do not have an electric stud finder, you can simply tap the wall. If you hear a hollow sound, there is not a stud; when you hear a solid noise, you have found the stud. Mark each stud in the area with a pencil.

  4. Align the center mark you drew in step two with the center of the wall template included with the wall mount. Half of the template should be on the wall and the other half should be on the bottom of the cabinet.

  5. Attach the wall template to the wall using scotch tape.

  6. Draw marks on the wall through the holes in the corners of the wall template. Then mark one of the holes at the bottom of the template that is located on one of the studs you marked in step three.

  7. Drill holes in each of the marks you made. The drill size will vary depending on the screws included with your mounting plate. In most cases, you will need a 3/16-inch bit (for holes in studs) or a 3/8-inch bit (for holes not in a stud).

  8. Screw the mounting plate onto the wall by aligning the holes in the plate with the holes you have drilled in the wall.

  9. Drill the necessary holes on the bottom of the cabinet, as indicated on the template. These holes will allow you to run the power cord through the cabinets, so as not to create visible wire clutter.

  10. Lift the microwave up to the mounting plate and place it on the support tabs at the bottom of the plate.

  11. Thread the power cord through the upper cabinet holes.

  12. Tighten the screws the upper part of the plate. Once secure, you should not notice a gap between the upper cabinet and the microwave.