How to Make a Daybed From a Headboard

Dee O

Do you have a headboard that you want to turn into a daybed or need a daybed for your home and want it personalized to your style; then make one from a headboard. By using a headboard as the backing of the daybed, it will give a personal touch to your furniture and allow you to reuse something that may otherwise end up on the trash heap. Building a daybed can be a rewarding project as well as a useful one. These steps will show you how to build one using your own style by replacing the back of the daybed with a headboard.

How to use your headboard to make a daybed for any room

  1. Put all items needed into a cool dry location, such as your garage or a spare room in the house since you will be working with a saw; unless you had the wood precut when you bought it, you will want a well ventilated room that you will not mind making a mess in.

  2. Measure out the length of the headboard and compare it to two lengths of wood planks you have; the wood should line up lengthwise with the headboard: if not, trim down the ends as needed. Then measure the two shorter pieces of wood planks to ensure that they are long enough in width and allow room for connecting with the two longer pieces. The wood will connect to make a box shape with the smaller pieces on the inside of the two longer ones.

  3. Put the four pieces together on the floor, and measure from end to end both lengthwise and widthwise. Take a piece of MDF board or sheet wood and measure it to the same specifications as that of the box. Using 4 cleats to support the planks and sheet of wood, place them in the corners attaching with wood screws.

  4. On the underside of the box place metal brackets to reinforce the framing; now is the time to attach any legs to the frame using four wooden legs that you can buy at most local hardwood stores. Make sure the legs are secured with a snug fit using bolts, nuts and locking screws. You can also lay the box for the daybed on a metal frame for support.

  5. If painting your daybed or adding upholstery to it, now is the time. Measure the upholstery to the frame and using staples attach the batting over the frame followed by the fabric.

  6. Drill holes into the wood frame unless using a metal one then place locking studs into the wood then screw new bolts through the headboard into the box. Place a twin-sized mattress on the daybed and add your favorite bedding.