How to Remove Homemade Calcium Deposits

Hard water in your home can easily cause a buildup of calcium deposits. In order to get the best cleaning solution to remove the deposits, simply look through your kitchen cabinets. The only thing you may need to buy is a simple calcium deposit remover. Also, to prevent any future calcium deposits form building up, look to have your water softened.

Remove Calcium Deposits

  1. Mix a small amount of vinegar and water, then rub the calcium deposit surface in a circular motion with your rag. Add a touch of lemon to the solution for a clean scent.

  2. Leave a vinegar/water soaked rag on the deposit overnight.

  3. Remove the rag in the morning, and wipe the area down with warm water.

  4. Spray calcium deposit removing solution on the spots and rub with a dry cloth.

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