How to Clear a Nail Gun Jam

Today's nail guns boast vast improvements in weight, style, grip and reliability.

Assuming you selected the right pressure, torque and nail for your project, nail-gun jams should not occur very often. When a nail jam does occur, you are faced with clearing the jammed nail from the nail gun before continuing with your project. This article will help you do so safely.

Unplug the nail gun from the air compressor. Never attempt to clear a jam with the nail gun still attached to the compressor.

Open the jam-cleaning door on your nail gun. The jam-cleaning door is located at the tip of the nail gun and gives you easy access to the nail path. Most guns have a lever you press to release the jam-cleaning door.

Remove the jammed nail with your fingers or a set of needle-nose pliers if it is stuck.

Close the jam-cleaning door and make sure it is fastened properly. Connect the nail gun back to the air compressor, and you're ready to continue your project.

Things You Will Need

  • Needle-nose pliers


  • Wear safety glasses when using a nail gun.
  • Never place your face directly behind a nail gun when firing.
  • Never carry the nail gun with the trigger compressed.
  • Be aware of your finger placement before firing your nail gun.

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