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How to Remove Latex Paint From Window Screens

Latex paint is one of the most common choices for house paint due to its advantages. You can use latex paint for interior and exterior purposes, it applies smoothly, and it cleans up rather easily compared to oil-based paint. It can, however, make just as much of a mess as other paints. Luckily, there are several solvents that can dissolve latex paint, the most common being rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). This household chemical will be the key to removing latex paint from a window screen.

  1. Dismount the window screen to make it easier to manage during the removal process. Lay it down on a flat surface in an open area.

  2. Attempt to scrub the affected area with water and a cleaning brush before applying a stronger solvent. Fresh latex can take weeks to develop full adhesion and often comes loose with some water.

  3. Wet the latex paint and apply isopropyl alcohol to the area with a dry rag. Cover the surface with any sheet of plastic to prevent evaporation.

  4. Rinse the area with water after a short period of time and the latex paint will wash off.