How to Install a Flush Mount Sink

Flush mount kitchen sinks are the most commonly installed sink in use today. Almost exclusively found in laminate countertops, flush mount sinks consist of the bowl, or basin, and the sink flange. In a flush mount sink, the bowl sits inside and below the countertop and the flange is the flat part that extends out from the top of the bowl and rests on top of the countertop. Using the template provided with the sink and a few basic tools, you can install a flush mount sink in less than an hour.

You can install a flush mount kitchen sink.

Step 1

Place the sink template on the countertop in the desired location and mark the sink hole with a marker.

Step 2

Drill a hole along the edge of the sink hole using a 1/2-inch drill bit. Make sure to drill the hole inside the sink hole so it won't be seen.

Step 3

Cut out the sink hole using a jig saw by inserting the blade of the saw in the 1/2-inch hole and cutting on the sink template lines. Make sure to use a jig saw blade designed for cutting laminate. Known as a down cut blades, these blades cut on the down stroke and require that you hold the jig saw firmly and apply strong downward pressure on the saw so that the blade doesn't force the saw to jump upward during the cut.

Step 4

Run a bead of clear silicone caulk on top of the countertop along the edge of the sink hole.

Step 5

Set the sink in the sink hole pressing it into the caulking. This will prevent water from rolling under the sink flange and into the cabinet below or the countertop substrate.

Step 6

Install the sink clips from the underside of the sink. The clips will snap in place along a groove in the bottom of the sink flange and clamp the sink to the bottom side of the countertop. Occasionally, the clamps will be screwed into either the bottom of the sink or the countertop.

Step 7

Apply a bead of caulking around perimeter of the sink flange where it meets the counter top. Use a clear silicone for aluminum sinks and a colored caulk that matches the color of the sink for colored sinks.