How to Replace Sunroom Windows

One of the best ways to give your house a bright and warm appeal is by constructing a sunroom or a solarium. Sunrooms let you enjoy the view and feel of the outside while you stay indoors. They provide a great way to benefit from nature and will give homes a touch of class and sophistication. The beauty of your sunroom will depend on the quality of its glass windows. These sunroom windows basically define your sun parlor. In fact, the biggest problem you will have with a sunroom is replacing a cracked or broken glass window. You may opt for a professional contractor to repair your sunroom window, but that approach can be quite expensive. The more practical option is to learn how to change your sunroom windows yourself.

  1. Put on your safety glasses and work gloves.

  2. Keep the broken window intact by applying masking tape. Start from the upper left corner and tape diagonally toward the lower right corner. Repeat the same process, starting from the upper right corner and moving toward the lower left corner. Apply the masking tape from the lower left corner to the lower right. Repeat the process, going from upper right corner to upper left corner, from upper right corner to lower right corner and from upper left corner to lower right corner.

  3. Use the measuring tape to determine the measurements and dimensions of the glass window to be replaced. Take note of the quality and make of the window. The new glass must be of the same class and kind to match the other windows of the sunroom.

  4. Remove the window frame or trimming. Use a screwdriver to rotate and loosen the screws bolting the trimming one at a time. Start from the bottom up. If bolted by nails, use a pry bar to loosen the nails one by one. With all the screws or nails removed, gently tap out the trimming using the hammer and remove it.

  5. Remove the sealants. Use the scraper and scratch off all of the sealants and the caulking.

  6. Get a friend or family member to help you remove the broken glass. Ask him or her to stand inside of the sunroom while you stand outside. Instruct the person to apply pressure, starting at the bottom part of the glass by pushing outward. Extend your arms toward the edge of the glass, parallel to his or hers, and catch the glass as your friend pushes it toward you. Work your way up. Push the glass slowly from the bottom up until the whole pane is removed.

  7. Use the caulk gun to apply a new coat of sealant. Make an even glaze of sealant around the window's perimeter.

  8. Install the new glass with the help of a friend or family member. Carefully lift the new glass, setting it into the window frame and against the newly applied sealant.

  9. Use the caulk gun and add caulking on the exterior of the new glass. Proper caulking seals small openings that may cause leaks.

  10. Restore the window frame/trimming. Attach the trimming using a screwdriver to fasten it with screws or a hammer to peg it with nails.