How to Place Floodlights Around Your House

Installing floodlights around your house is a beneficial project.


Illuminating the areas outside a house can make burglars think twice and improve safety because you can see where you're walking. Floodlights can also greatly enhance the appearance of the home and yard. Location is the most important consideration when installing floodlights, whether you're installing them for security, safety or appearance reasons. .

Step 1

Place floodlights with a motion detector above all the exterior doors of your house, including entryways from patios or decks. Mount the floodlights at a height of 7 to 8 feet.

Step 2

Locate a floodlight with a motion sensor above your garage door to shine light on the driveway as you come and go.

Step 3

Install floodlights with motion sensors on the corners of your house. Make sure the lights are facing downward and inward so they don't disturb your neighbors.


Step 1

Place a floodlight so it illuminates the number on your house. This will help visitors and emergency workers find your home more easily.

Step 2

Install floodlights to shine on the pathways around your house, such as from the driveway to the front door.

Step 3

Position floodlights to shine on decks, pools and patios. Illuminating a pool is particularly important for safety reasons. Consider floodlights with colored bulbs for these areas to create a festive atmosphere.


Step 1

Install floodlights at ground level to show off landscaping features, such as a tree or flowers, in front of your house. Angle these floodlights slightly upward up at an angle.

Step 2

Locate floodlights where they will cast light on an architectural feature of your home, such as a column or bay window. Tilt these lights upward.

Step 3

Install temporary floodlights to highlight seasonal decorations, such as a ghost in a tree for Halloween, or a Christmas manger scene.


  • Floodlights that have an electric-eye switch are a good option. These lights come on when the sun goes down, and turn off at dawn.


  • Don't place a floodlight where it will shine directly into the house. A bright light actually will reduce your security, because it will limit your ability to see outside.

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