How to Install Vinyl Fencing on a Hill

A vinyl fence is an aesthetically pleasing fence that requires less maintenance than wood fences. Other advantages to the vinyl fence include the fact that they are a lot lighter than wood making them easier to install, as well as the ability to order them in different colors. Installing one on uphill isn’t much different from installing one on level ground.

Step 1

Figure out where the fence should be located. Mark off the area with stakes starting at the corners and then spacing them such that each fence section will fit between them.

Step 2

Determine the grade of your hill. There are a couple of methods for this. One is to measure the height difference from the fence post at the top of the hill to the fence post at the bottom of the hill and divide by the number of sections. This is the distance each section will be raised as you work your way up the hill. The second is to measure the grade between each fence post by placing a stick where each fence post will go and tying a string between the two. Measure the distance from the ground to the string on the lower stick and that is your pitch. The pitch is the distance that the next section needs to be lowered as you work your way down the hill.

Step 3

Dig the fence post holes with the post hole digger deep enough that about 1/3 of the post will be underground. This will vary slightly since the top of the post on the downhill side of the fence section needs to be the same distance from the top rail as all other fence posts and top rails on the downhill side. Put two to three shovels of gravel at the bottom of the hole. Insert the post and then pack with concrete or dirt. Use a level to ensure the post is straight and then brace the post to keep it in place. Pile a small mound of dirt around the base of the post to prevent puddling. Let these set for four to five days.

Step 4

Attach each fence section to the posts using the hardware provided. If the grade is severe, creating a much larger gap between the hillside and the bottom rail of the fence, there are a few options. One option is to cut the sections using a power saw to make them smaller. This would mean that your fence posts would be a lot closer together. Another option is to mount the hardware at an angle using either angle brackets (if one exists with the proper angle), or wooden wedges. This would allow the fence section to more closely follow the hillside. For those very skilled, the fence section could be recreated to follow the hillside by removing all of the fence boards and regluing them with the rails at the same angle as the hillside.

Step 5

Attach chicken wire, other mesh or place rocks to enclose the gaps between the fence and the ground if desired.

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