How to Protect a Patio From Water From Planters

Elizabeth Knoll

Patio gardens allow you to plant a vast array of flowers and vegetables in a small space. These are especially useful if you don't have a yard suitable for having a garden. When you water plants, the water will leach out the salt and iron content from the soil. The water then drains out of the drainage holes and leaves salt and iron stains on your patio. To prevent these stains from ruining your patio, you need to protect your patio from water from planters.

  1. Place your planters on drip trays and also keep them elevated above your patio by setting them on tables or hanging them from the ceiling if your patio has one. Empty the drip trays frequently to prevent them from overflowing.

  2. If you use metal planters,spray them on the inside and outside with rust inhibitor spray. This will seal the planter so it doesn't rust and will help prevent rust stains from forming.

  3. Place large planters on movable carts. Move them around periodically to prevent mold and mildew buildup under the planter.

  4. Use pot feet to elevate your pots and planters from the patio; they will prevent patio staining. Pot feet can be found at your local nursery or home improvement store.