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How to Determine True Freezer Age by a Serial Number

Susan Reynolds

Did you know that you can find out how old your freezer is by entering its serial number into a website? This website contains the serial number information of appliances made after the mid-1970s. If your freezer is older than this, you will need to call the manufacturer of your freezer directly and inquire about your specific model. If your freezer was made after the mid-1970s and you want to find out its age, just follow this procedure.

Step 1

Go to the Appliance 411 website (www.appliance411.com), which allows you to date a home appliance by its serial number.

Step 2

Select the brand, appliance type, location and serial and model number of your freezer in the "Enter Product Details" box, then click "Date it!" Be sure to include any letter prefixes before the serial/model numbers.

Step 3

Read the date of your freezer if it gives you a year. If you don't get a result, check your numbers to make sure you aren't confusing letters with numbers. If you still don't get a result, you will have to contact your freezer manufacturer.