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How to Find Out How Old My Freezer Is

Dawn Marcotte

Freezer and refrigerator technology has improved in energy efficiency in the last 10 years. The decision to purchase a new freezer can be influenced by the age of the appliance. A new freezer can use half as much energy as an appliance that is only 10 years old. Determining the age of a freezer can be done with the serial number, provided the freezer was manufactured after 1970. Antique freezers will require an appliance expert to determine the manufacture date.

How to Determine the Age of a Freezer

Step 1

Locate the serial number on the freezer. The serial number might be in one of several places, depending on the type of freezer. Upright freezers commonly have serial numbers on the inside wall, on the face frame of the freezer body or behind the toe kickplate. Chest freezers have the serial number on the inside wall of the freezer or on the outside right or left side of the body. If the number is not clear, use a flashlight.

Step 2

Write down the serial number. Verify numbers and letters as it will contain both.

Step 3

Use a web tool such as Appliance411.com and enter the serial number. Click on "Home Service" and then "Appliance Age." Then enter the brand, appliance type (freezer), model number and serial number. Appliancefactoryparts.com identifies appliances by manufacturer and serial number to determine age. On this site, click on "All Appliances" and then "Find the age of your appliance by brand." Then choose your freezer's brand and read the chart or key to determine how old your freezer is. If there is no information, verify the letters and numbers and retry. Zero may look like an "o," and "1" may look like an "I."