How to Date a Pennsylvania House China Cabinet

Pennsylvania House creates elegant and timeless furniture for all areas of your home.
The company makes several hutches and china cabinets that let you display your favorite dishes or collectibles in your kitchen, dining room, living room or another room. Pennsylvania House China Cabinets feature a wood design with cabinets and glass doors. Finding the date of your cabinet involves locating the manufacturer’s marking on the china cabinet.

Step 1

Turn the china cabinet around and look at the back. The name of the company should appear somewhere on the cabinet, along with a model number. Look for a series of letters or a combination of letters and numbers.

Step 2

Open the cabinet doors and examine the inside for any markings. Check any drawers on the cabinet as well. On hutches, the name and model number often appear on the inside of one of the drawers.

Step 3

Compare the design of your china cabinet with the designs currently offered by Pennsylvania House on the company’s official website. Even if the company no longer makes your hutch, you might notice some similarities in terms of design. The hutch might feature the same lines or designs.

Step 4

Write down as much information as you know about the piece, including where you purchased the hutch, any identifying characteristics and the model or serial number. Keep the information in a safe place.

Step 5

Contact Pennsylvania House through the Contact Us section of its website (see Resources). Include your name, email address and everything you know about the cabinet. Explain that you want to date the piece. Alternatively, Pennsylvania House recommends that you contact the retailer where you purchased the piece for dating information.


  • If you cannot find Pennsylvania House listed on the china cabinet, consider consulting an expert appraiser. The appraiser examines the piece for any markings, tells you who crafted the piece and can give you a general date as to its construction.
  • Pennsylvania House pieces use classic designs, meaning that even newer pieces might look antique. The best method of determining its actual date is by contacting the company.

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