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How to Find the Production Date of a Bosch Dishwasher

Kathy Adams

The production date of a Bosch dishwasher is written in code in the first four digits of its serial number. Add 20 to the first two digits to get a production year. The next two digits are the production month.

How to Find the Production Date of a Bosch Dishwasher

Knowing the production date of your Bosch dishwasher may come in handy in the event of a recall or if filing an insurance claim. While Bosch doesn't print the code in a date format on their dishwashers, it's still possible to deduce the month and year a dishwasher was made based on its serial number.

Locating the Serial Number

The serial number is printed on every Bosch dishwasher on its door. To locate the serial number, open the door, and then look for a series of printed numbers and letters along the top inside edge. On some Bosch dishwashers, this information is printed on one of the sides of the door instead, typically on the right side.

The serial number is the first four digits following the letters "FD," for instance "9303."

Figuring Out the Production Date

The production date is contained within the first four digits of the serial number. On some models, these four digits are listed on their own, followed by a space and then five more digits. The five-digit portion of the code has no bearing on the production date.

Add 20 to the first two digits to determine the production year. If the final total equals more than 100, ignore the first digit. For instance, if the first four digits are "9303," add 20 to 93 to get 113, which equates to 2013. A serial number starting with "8303" would mean a production year of 2003.

The production month is the last two digits in the four-digit serial number, so "03" in either example means March.

Bosch will ask for this information in the event of a recall. To determine whether your dishwasher has been recalled, visit the Bosch safety notices website, then click through any of the dishwasher links that may pertain to your dishwasher. The resulting page requests the serial number and model number. After inputting the information, click "check recall status" to see if your dishwasher was affected.

Write Down the Information

In some cases, the metal or paper tag listing the model and serial number of the dishwasher can come off, fade or otherwise become illegible over time. To prevent difficulties in reading the information over time, write down the full model number and serial number on the dishwasher's owner's manual. This way, the information will always be available. Store the Bosch manual along with other kitchen appliance paperwork in an easy-to-find location, such as a kitchen drawer. Keep information on any repairs performed along with the paperwork for future reference.