How to Add a Second Landline Phone Through AT&T

If you run a home business, or you just need to open up your current landline, then you may want to add a second line to your home. If you use AT&T for your landline services, then have the company install the necessary devices and equipment for that second landline. Although this is not something you can install on your own, it is possible to have the additional line added to your home.

Step 1

Contact AT&T customer service to request a second landline. Tell the representative that your service information, such as name and address. You may be asked to provide the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Step 2

Set up a day and a time frame when you plan to be home for the technician to arrive. Because a second line needs to be connected off AT&T's main phone cables, the technician needs to come and install all of the necessary phone jacks and cables.

Step 3

Connect your phones to the new landline jacks. Begin using your new phone number.

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