How to Measure a Sofa for Slipcovers

A slipcover can transform a drab-looking sofa into a chic piece of furniture. Finding a well fitting slipcover that doesn't sag or stretch too taut is the key to changing or improving the look of an overused or stained couch.

Step 1

Measure and record the length of the sofa at the widest width.  This is probably from one arm to the other.

Step 2

Measure and record the back of the sofa from top to bottom at the highest point . 

Step 3

Measure the cushions from one end to the other.  This is especially important if you are buying a slipcover that has separate covers for the cushions.

Step 4

Measure and record the front of the sofa from top to bottom. 

Step 5

When choosing a slipcover, choose the smallest size that will work.  A tight fitting slipcover looks best. Also look for slipcovers with ties around the edges.  This improves the look and fit of the slipcover.

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Paper and pencil

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