How to Recalibrate a Pyrex Digital Cooking Thermometer

Manuel Paucar

Digital cooking thermometers with an oven probe are useful when baking because they allow you to measure temperature without having to open the oven door. However, they are subject to malfunction and decalibration, which could result in a culinary disaster.

  1. Place the thermometer in the oven with the probe inside your desired dish.

  2. Measure temperature at all times for up to 30 minutes to make sure the thermometer is working properly. The temperature should climb steadily until it reaches the temperature you set the oven to. If it does not, continue to Step 3.

  3. Remove your dish and clean the thermometer. Make sure the cable is not tangled and has no knots.

  4. Set the oven for 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Set the thermometer as usual, but this time place the probe on top of the oven tray. After 30 minutes, the thermometer should be moisture-free. Return to Step 1 to check the temperature readings again.