How to Use a Thane H2O Mop

The Thane H20 mop uses steam to clean and disinfect floors. Rather than using commercial floor cleaners, which are not only costly but can be toxic, the Thane H20 mop cleans and sanitizes floors by just using water. The Thane steam mop will produce steam at temperatures between 194 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which will clean, disinfect and kill many types of bacteria. It is ideal for cleaning hard floor surfaces as well as carpeting.

Step 1

Vacuum or sweep the floor before cleaning with the Thane H20 mop.  The mop steam cleans the floor but will not pick up loose dirt and debris.

Step 2

Assemble the mop.  Attach the mop head to the body and secure the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Place the handle into the body of the mop and slip the attached silicone ring to the bottom.  The ring should be positioned tightly.

Tighten the large screw through the handle opening into the back of the handle. 

Step 3

Put the microfiber pad onto the mop head.  Pull the cord while simultaneously pressing on the toggle to fasten the pad.

If cleaning carpet, snap on the Carpet Glider before putting on the microfiber pad. 

Step 4

Detach the water tank from the body.  Fill the enclosed measuring cup twice and pour it into the water tank.

Step 5

Unwrap the power cord from the body by twisting the Quick Release Cord Wrap in a clockwise direction.  Plug the cord into a grounded electrical outlet.

The light on the front of the mop body will be red to indicate the unit has power. 

Step 6

Wait for about 25 seconds until the light turns green.  This means that the mop is heated and ready to produce steam.

Step 7

Place the Thane H20 mop on the floor where you will be cleaning.  Push the trigger on the handle for the mop to begin releasing steam.

Step 8

Pass over the floor slowly with the mop.  The mop will continue releasing steam.

When you want the mop to stop releasing steam, press the trigger again. 

Step 9

Leave the Thane H20 mop over one area of the floor to sanitize that area.  Allow the mop to sit on that section for at least eight seconds, but not longer than 15 seconds.

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