How to Wall Mount a Cube

Cube shelves are an interesting and useful accessory for your home. Usually cube shelves come with four sides, all of the same size, with both the front and back open so that you can place items inside to display them. Whether you have made some cube shelves yourself or you have some store-bought ones, you will need to know how to mount them on a wall.

Step 1

Assemble and read the instructions for your cube shelf. If you bought it from a store, it may have come with instructions for how to mount it.

Step 2

Place the cube onto its front so that the unfinished edge—the edge that will be flush with the wall—is pointing upward.

Step 3

Determine which edge of the cube is going to be the top and which are going to be the left and right sides. Drill a hole on the left side, on the edge that will be flush to the wall, about an inch down from the top edge. The hole should be half an inch deep and slightly wider than the heads of the wall-hanging screws you picked out.

Step 4

Drill another hole directly under this to make the hole twice as long (but not wider). Make sure your wall screw's head can be placed inside the hole and moved up and down.

Step 5

Use a level to mark out and drill another two holes, in the same way, in the other top corner of the cube.

Step 6

Mark with a level and drill two more similar holes in the bottom two corners of the cube shelf.

Step 7

Fasten the keyhole mounting to the top of the first hole in the top left corner of the shelf that you drilled. The keyhole fastener has one large hole in its center and a slit, which allows the head of your wall-mounting screw to slide into the hole; once it slides up the slit, it won't be able to come out. Place the fastener over the hole so that the hole and slit in the fastener cover the drilled hole. The hole should be on the bottom edge of the fastener, while the slit should point up.

Step 8

Screw two of the #8 flat head screws into the two smaller holes on the fastener. This will connect the fastener to the cube. Place and adhere the three remaining fasteners over the three remaining drilled holes on the back of the cube.

Step 9

Place the cube on the wall where you would like it situated and mark off the four inside corners with a pencil. Use a level to make sure your cube is level and even. Have a friend help you if necessary.

Step 10

Measure the dimensions of the fasteners on the back of the cube. Measure the distance from the inside corner to the center of the hole in the fastener. Do so for every fastener. Use these measurements to mark the appropriate places on the wall where the fasteners will go.

Step 11

Drill a screw into the wall at those new marks, making sure that the screws are level with one another. If you are near a stud, try to screw into the stud with your wall-mounting screw; if not, use dry-wall hangers or anchor screws. Make sure the screws are sticking out slightly—about 3mm beyond the head of the screw.

Step 12

Make sure all the screws are level and secure. Insert the fasteners over the wall screws and let the cube slide into place.

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