How to Make Enamel Paint Dull

Ryan Lawrence

Enamel paint is known for drying to a high-gloss finish. Because it is durable and goes on smoothly, it is ideal for certain types of surfaces where latex paint just won't work. Unfortunately, if you want to use enamel paint but you don't want the high-sheen gloss finish, you won't see many options at the paint store. However, you can make your enamel paint look dull if you know the proper technique.

Dull your enamel paint by mixing in some enamel undercoat.
  1. Pour two gallons of the enamel paint into a five-gallon bucket.

  2. Add one gallon of white enamel undercoat.

  3. Stir the contents of the five-gallon bucket for 10 minutes with a wooden stir stick.

  4. Continue adding enamel paint until you reach the desired color.