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How to Clean Stove Drip Pans With Oven Cleaner

Jeffrey Brian Airman

You can clean burnt on oils and food debris off stove drip pans with very little effort using oven cleaner. Over time and regular use, stove-top drip pans can accumulate a thick build-up of food residue. Continual use of soiled stove drip pans can lead to a smoky kitchen or even fire. Reduce your risk of fire and restore the clean look of your stove by stripping the mess away from your drip pans with oven cleaner.

Heating Element

Step 1

Lift out all the heating element and drip pans when the stove is completely cool.

Step 2

Set the heating element aside and lower all the drip pans into the sink.

Step 3

Pour the concentrated liquid dish soap onto the drips and fill the sink with hot water until they are submerged.

Step 4

Drain the sink after the drip pans have soaked in the soapy water for at least an hour.

Step 5

Shake the can of oven cleaner vigorously before applying a thick layer of spray to every surface of the drip pans.

Step 6

Allow the drip pans to sit in the sink with the oven cleaner on them for another hour.

Step 7

Scrub away the loosened oils and food debris using medium pressure with a nonabrasive, nylon scouring sponge.

Step 8

Rinse the drips pans in hot water and examine the results. Thick build-up may require a second hot, soapy soak and application of oven cleaner.

Step 9

Slide the clean drip pans back into position on the stove and reconnect the heating elements.