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How to Make Coffee in an Old Fashioned Drip Pot

Jason Taetsch

Old-fashioned drip pots make coffee in the same method as drip coffee makers, using gravity to pull the water through the beans. The downside of the old-style drip pots is that you have to boil the water yourself. Despite the technological differences, the drip pots style can make the same quality coffee as the newer coffee makers.

Old-fashioned drip coffee pots make coffee similar to drip coffee makers.
  1. Put ground coffee in the holder on the top of the drip pot. Use 1/4 cup of ground coffee grinds for each cup of coffee you want to produce.

  2. Boil 8 oz. of water for every cup of coffee you plan to make.

  3. Pour the water into the top of the drip coffee pot. The water will drip through the grinds and drain into the holder below.