How to Replace a Belt on a Kirby Ultimate G Series

Mary Lougee

Belts on a Kirby Ultimate G series vacuum require replacement due to age, wear and tear. Vacuum belts can stretch when they age or when objects suck into the roller plate and wedge themselves between the brush and the roller plate. Belts may also break due to extra tension from sucking up larger objects. A belt can alsol dry rot after a few years and be ineffective in turning the roller.

Removal of Belt

Step 1

Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical socket to prevent any occurrence of a shock.

Step 2

Push the height adjustment lever down to its lowest adjustment. The lever is located on the right hand side of the vacuum at the bottom when you are facing the front of the vacuum. Pull the light hood up with one hand and turn the vacuum belt lifter to the left with the other hand simultaneously.

Step 3

Turn the accessory lock to the unlocked position to the left. The accessory lock is under the light hood. The entire front of the Kirby Ultimate G series vacuum is loose at this point. Pull the entire front off the vacuum and set aside.

Step 4

Turn the vacuum belt lifter all the way to the left until the belt drops down in sight. Remove the metal roller plate by turning the two rear latches to the open position.

Step 5

Remove the old vacuum belt by slipping it off the roller end. It should slide off easily if is broken or stretched. Remove the roller from inside the vacuum head.

Belt Replacement

Step 1

Place new vacuum belt over the roller and replace the roller in its original position. The new belt will be considerably tighter than the old belt and use of a flat screwdriver may be helpful to slide the new belt onto the roller.

Step 2

Place metal roller plate in position and turn the two latches to hold in place. Turn the vacuum belt lifter all the way to the right until belt locks into operating position. Turn the accessory lock under the light hood all the way to the right.

Step 3

Replace the entire front of the Kirby Ultimate G vacuum. Readjust the height adjustment lever to desired position.