How to Remove a Filter to Vacuum Water

Cleaning up water spills with a wet/dry vacuum is convenient and creates less mess. To vacuum water, remove the paper filter. If you do not remove it, it will cause misting when vacuuming large amounts of water. After removing the filter, reassemble the machine to vacuum the water. Remember to reinstall the filter before using the vacuum to clean dry materials.

Remove the filter before vacuuming up water.

Unplug the wet/dry vacuum power cord from the wall outlet.

Locate the tabs that secure the vacuum head assembly to the vacuum tank. Place your hands on the top above the tabs and push down while grabbing the tabs with your fingers.

Pull the tabs off the vacuum body with your fingers and remove the vacuum head assembly from the body. The filter is below the vacuum head assembly.

Loosen and remove the nut that secures the filter plate over the filter with a wrench. The filter plate is the solid plate on top of the filter.

Lift the filter plate off the threaded stud and set the plate out of your way. Lift the filter off the filter cage and set aside the filter. Place the filter plate back onto the threaded stud and secure the plate to the filter cage with the retaining nut.

Place the vacuum head assembly back on top of the body and push the head assembly down until it locks into position.

Things You Will Need

  • Wrench set


  • If your filter gets a little damp, place it back into the vacuum and run the vacuum a few minutes to dry the filter out.


  • Do not operate the vacuum without the filter cage or filter float. Operating the vacuum without these components could damage the motor.
  • Always disconnect power from appliances before attempting repairs.

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