How to Remove Gutters

Gutters are long thin troughs that are attached along the roof line of homes and buildings. The function of gutters is to catch rain water that runs off the roof and divert it to the downspout where it can be directed away from the home. Gutters need to be removed if they are damaged, or if a repair needs to be done to the soffit vents under the roof line. The good news for the homeowner is that removing gutters is much easier than installing them.

Removing gutters is easy
  1. Place the ladder at one corner of the building, near a downspout. Detach the down spout from the gutter prior to removing the gutter. The top of the downspout will either pull out of the gutter system, or may be screwed into the building. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws if necessary. Repeat the procedure to remove all downspouts on each corner of the building.

  2. Place a ladder under the edge of the roof line in a location that provides easy access to the gutters.

  3. Insert a crowbar under the gutter so that it is positioned between the gutter and the edge of the roof.

  4. Lean back on the crow bar to pry the gutter loose in the location of the straps or spikes that secure it to the roof.

  5. Climb down off the ladder and reposition it four to five feet from the first position. Repeat the process to pry the new section of gutter off of the house. Continue this process until the entire gutter system is removed.

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