How to Remove Whirlpool Modular Ice Makers

When your Whirlpool modular ice maker, in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator, is no longer making ice properly it will need to be replaced with a new unit. Before you can install a new ice maker you will need to remove the defective unit. This can be done by first making sure that the unit can be removed by looking to see where the electrical and water connections are located.

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  1. Turn off the water supply that is going to the refrigerator. Turn off the valve for the water supply or turn off the main water valve for your home.

  2. Open the door to your refrigerator's freezer compartment. The compartment can be mounted on the top of the unit, at the bottom or on the side.

  3. Locate the Whirlpool modular ice maker in the freezer compartment.

  4. Move any items in the freezer that are blocking access to the ice maker.

  5. Locate the screws that are used to secure the ice maker in the freezer compartment. Remove these screws with a screwdriver.

  6. Locate the wiring harness or plug that is connected to the ice maker. Unplug or remove it from the ice maker.

  7. Locate the water line that is connected to the ice maker. Remove the water line by unscrewing the nut on the water line with a wrench.

  8. Pull the ice maker out of the freezer compartment.


  • Your hands will get cold when working in the freezer compartment unless you wear a pair of work gloves.
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