How to Clean Solar Tube Lights

Dirt and grime can build up on solar tube lights over a period of time, which can keep light from shining through. To keep your lights and ultimately your room bright and cheerful, you need to periodically clean the lights. If someone in your home smokes, the cleaning should be done more frequently because nicotine and tar build up much more quickly. Cleaning the lights can easily be done with something you have right at your fingertips---soap and water.

  1. Cover any furniture that is beneath the light with plastic to protect it. You may also wish to cover the floor directly under the lights, especially if it is made from material that will be ruined by soapy water.

  2. Position a ladder under the light if it is too high to reach.

  3. Fill a bucket with water and about a teaspoon of mild soap. Place a rag or cloth into the bucket and wring excess water out.

  4. Wipe the tube lights. Use a soft cloth to dry them thoroughly.


  • Always use caution when doing any reaching activities on a ladder. Check to make sure the ladder is sturdy and has good footing before attempting to climb it.
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