How to Fit Subzero Wood Door Panels

Subzero refrigerators and freezers come in a variety of models, each with various door finish options to meet the design and needs of just about any kitchen. In addition, the door panels can be customized to integrate the appearance to match your kitchen cabinets or specific design elements. The door panel assembly is made to be easily changed and the method takes just a few steps to complete. For custom-made door panels, refer to the installation and operating literature that came with your Sub-Zero appliance for door panel specifications, weight and thickness limitations before beginning this project.

Step 1

Remove the door trim moulding by inserting a straight screwdriver into the small slot at the top corner on the handle side of the door and pop the trim moulding out. For the trim moulding on the lower drawer in over-under models, insert the screwdriver into the small slots at both sides of the moulding along the top edge to release the trim moulding.

Step 2

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the handles from both doors. The lower drawer handle does not need to be removed on over-under models.

Step 3

Slide the panel into the door frame channel, ensuring the panel is flush with the ends of the trim channel.

Step 4

Reinstall the door handle(s) removed in Step 2.

Step 5

Reinstall the door trim moulding by inserting the trim piece into the groove at the top of the door and snapping it into the clips from the top down. To replace the trim on the lower drawer in over-under models, snap the moulding into the clips on the handle at one side and work across to the opposite side. Trim pieces should fit snug and flush on both ends.