How to Build a Surfboard Rack

Most avid surfers are never content with having just one board.

Building the Surfboard Rack

Building the right rack can make storing your boards easy.Building the right rack can make storing your boards easy.
As the number of boards increases, the difficulty in storing them properly also increases. There are an infinite number of ingenious ways to build storage racks for surfboards. Many of them require a costly investment or woodworking skills; however, this rack is quick to make and is very cost effective.

Step 1

Draw a straight line along the center of the board from end to end. Mark the board along the center line in 12-inch intervals.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the board at the center of each of the marks to an approximate depth of 1 3/4 inches through the board using a drill press if available. A hand drill may be substituted, but extra care should be taken to make the holes as straight and uniform as possible. Test the look and uniformity of the holes by inserting the wooden dowels and checking the fit and look of the structure.

Step 3

Remove the wooden dowels from the board. Locate the studs in the wall where the surfboard rack is to be placed. Attach the board to the wall using wood screws. The height of the rack is determined by the height difference between the tallest and shortest surfboards to be stored. For example, a 4-foot 8-inch rack height is adequate for a board set that includes a 9-foot board and a 6-foot 8-inch board.

Step 4

Insert one hook and eye into one end of each dowel. Apply wood glue to the other end of each dowel and insert the wooden dowels into the holes on the board.

Step 5

Cut the pipe insulation into sections that will cover the exposed sections of the wooden dowels. Slit the insulation lengthwise to facilitate wrapping them around the wooden dowels. Secure the insulation to the dowels using 3 zip ties for each dowel.

Step 6

Determine the size of the area where the board tails will rest and cut the carpet (or other similar material) accordingly. Secure the section of carpet below the rack. Insert the surfboards and thread the nylon cord through the hook and eye sets for added security.

Things You Will Need

  • 1 wooden 2 by 4
  • Drill press or hand drill
  • Drill bit of the same diameter as the wooden dowels being used
  • Wooden dowels (1 dowel, 24 inches for each surfboard)
  • Wood screws
  • Wood glue
  • Hook and eyes sets (1 for each wooden dowel)
  • 4 feet of nylon cord
  • Pipe insulation (enough to cover each wooden dowel)
  • Zip ties (3 for each wooden dowel)
  • Carpet or similar material (size and length will depend on the number of surfboards to be stored)

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