How to Use Rubber Carpet Padding for Soundproofing

Installing rubber carpet padding is a great way to create soundproof conditions in your home. It is something you should consider if you have a room that is over another apartment, bedroom or anyplace that is noise sensitive. The rubber in the carpet padding absorbs sound waves, helping to muffle noise and keep it from traveling into spaces below. Installing rubber carpet padding is simple and straightforward, and will go a long way to helping you soundproof your home.

Carpet padding helps to isolate sound.

Step 1

Examine the room you want to buy carpet padding for. If it is a high-traffic room, you will need to purchase a rubber carpet underlay with closed-cell foam underneath the soundproofing barrier layer, because the variety with open-cell foam will not last under heavy use.

Step 2

Measure the size of the carpet under which you want to place the rubber carpet padding.

Step 3

Take your measurements and information about the room you are soundproofing to a flooring store to buy a pad and have it cut to the appropriate size. For high-traffic areas, choose a quarter-inch-thick pad; purchase a half-inch-thick pad for low traffic areas.

Step 4

Take your rubber carpet pad home and unroll it onto the clean, dry floor you wish to soundproof. Lay your rug or carpet on top of the padding, being sure that the surface of the carpet covers the rubber padding completely.

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