How to Attach a Cushion to a Chair

Bailey Shoemaker Richards

Cushions can make a wooden chair more comfortable, but they can also make it harder to sit in the chair if they slide around and shift under body weight. Attaching a cushion to its chair eliminates the problem of sliding around on the cushion, and there are numerous ways to keep a cushion firmly attached to a chair.

  1. Cut out a piece of latex shelf liner to fit the bottom of your cushion or the seat of the chair.

  2. Place the shelf liner on the chair or sew it to the bottom of your cushion. The shelf liner creates friction and will stop the cushion from sliding around.

  3. Cut two to three pieces of thick thread that match the color or pattern of your cushion. Each piece should be 6 to 7 inches long.

  4. Fold the thread in half and sew it to the cushion at the crease of the thread.

  5. Tie the cushion to the rungs of your chair to prevent it from sliding forward or off of the chair.