How to Replace the Drive Belt on Maytag Washers

Carl Pruit

Occasionally, the drive belt of the Maytag washing machine will need to be replaced because of wear or damage. The motor on the washer is held on by tension springs, but due to constant movement during operation, the belt can become worn out or break from usage. You can replace the drive belt yourself in less than an hour, saving the time and expense of calling a repairman to fix the washing machine for you.

Step 1

Unplug the electrical cord of the Maytag washing machine from the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Move the washing machine out away from the wall and tip it back, leaning the washer against the wall so you can access the bottom of the appliance.

Step 3

Place a wood block upright on both sides under the front of the dryer to stabilize it while you are working underneath the appliance.

Step 4

Locate the motor underneath the dryer and find the drive belt that runs from the motor to the pulley that operates the washing machine cylinder.

Step 5

Pull the motor forward and slip the drive belt off the motor pulley and the cylinder pulley, removing the drive belt from underneath the washer. The motor is held on by tension springs which will allow you to loosen the belt by pulling the motor forward by hand.

Step 6

Position the new drive belt around the cylinder pulley and pull the motor forward, running the belt around the motor pulley, and let the tension springs move the motor back into place.

Step 7

Remove the wood blocks from the front of the washer and lower the machine back down to the ground.

Step 8

Move the Maytag washer back against the wall and plug the electrical cord back into the electrical outlet.