How to Wire an Electrical Cord

Wiring an electrical cord is a straightforward process that the average home owner can complete with the right tools. Electrical cords and their plugs wear out over time or become damaged as the prongs bend or break off. Electrical cords are either the basic two wire type or the larger three wire that includes a ground wire for safety.

Two-prong electrical cord.
  1. Unplug the electrical cord from any outlets or power sources.

  2. Cut the end of the electrical cord with the bad or damaged plug off, using the wire cutters. Strip 2 inches of the outer sheathing/insulation off the end of the electrical cord. Separate or spread apart the wires inside the cable. Strip off 1 inch of insulation off each of the wires.

  3. Loosen and remove the screws, using the screwdriver, that is holding the two halves of the plug together. Separate the two pieces of the plug to access where the wires from the cord will attach to the screws on the prongs.

  4. Attach the electrical cord to the plug. If the wire has only two wires, then simply connect one wire to each screw and tighten it down to hold them in place. If the wire has three wires, then attach the black wire to the brass screw, the white wire to the silver screw and the green wire to the green screw. Tighten the screws down onto the wires.

  5. Replace the remaining half of the plug, and insert a screw into each hole. Tighten them down to secure the two halves together.

  6. Plug the electrical cord into an outlet and test for power.


  • Always turn off or disconnect any electrical cord before doing any repairs. Incidental contact with electrical current can cause serious shock or electrocution.

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