How to Remove a Bit Wobble From a Delta Drill Press

Having a wobble in a drill bit when you're attempting to work with your Delta drill press is frustrating. The most likely problem is that the top of the drill chuck isn't seating properly on the quill. There could also be small specks of metal preventing the drill chuck from seating fully. Remove the drill chuck first to eliminate the bit wobble on your Delta drill press.

Step 1

Unplug your Delta drill press power cord from the wall outlet. Look for a small open slot on the side of the drill chuck. Fill a small box with sawdust or rags and place the box on the drill press table under the chuck. The chuck is the piece that you place drill bits into and the quill is the portion of the press that holds the spindle the chuck fits around. The quill moves the spindle and chuck up and down.

Step 2

Insert the flat drift key into the slot and tap the key with a hammer to release the chuck from the spindle on the quill. The drift key is a small, flat piece of metal that has an angle on one end. Wedge the end of a piece of wood between the top of the chuck and the side of the drill chuck that does not have a slot. Tap the wood with a hammer to release the chuck. The chuck will fall into the box. Delta chucks are friction-fitted to the quill.

Step 3

Pick the chuck up with one hand and lightly sand the top of the chuck with 400-grit Carborundum paper. Do not apply much pressure. You will be removing any small metal shavings that may be interfering with proper chuck seating.

Step 4

Lower the drill press table. Slide the drill chuck over the quill and open the chuck's jaws fully. Tap the bottom of the chuck sharply with a rubber mallet to fully seat the chuck to the top of the quill.

Step 5

Raise your drill press table back into position and plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.

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