How to Clean a Laminate Floor With a Piano Finish

Mel Frank

Laminate flooring is similar to hardwood, as it is finished with a print that closely resembles hardwood, while costing only a fraction of the real thing. A piano finish comes with laminate panels that slightly contrast in color, with some panels darker than others (similar to the contrast of piano keys). To clean this type of flooring, it is important to use mild ingredients that will clean without harming the laminate or protective gloss finish.

Cleaning laminate flooring with a piano finish is easy.
  1. Sweep the floor regularly with a soft broom to collect loose debris and food crumbs.

  2. Wipe the floors with a dust mop to remove loose dust as it builds up.

  3. Fill a spray bottle with 2 cups water and 1/4 cup white vinegar.

  4. Spray a light mist of the solution onto the laminate, and immediately wipe clean with a fresh cloth or towel. The vinegar is strong enough to remove residue and kill bacteria, while wiping the solution off immediately prevents the laminate from expanding because of moisture introduction.

  5. Repeat until you have cleaned the entire floor.