How Can I Black Out My Bedroom Window?

Room-darkening techniques have changed a lot since the days of placing foil on bedroom windows to accommodate daytime sleepers.

Room-darkening techniques have come a long way since the days of placing aluminum foil on your bedroom windows to accommodate daytime sleepers. You can find several attractive window treatment options that not only provide extreme light control but also offer sound reduction, climate control and affordability.

Curtains, Drapery and Panels

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains, which are made specifically for light reduction, are an affordable option that come in many styles and colors. Blackout curtains can complement bedroom decor while providing the desired darkness and privacy for daytime sleepers.

Thermal Blackout Curtains

Thermal blackout curtains are made with a special thermal liner that can block out not only light but also heat. This makes them a practical choice for rooms that become overly warm during the daytime. They also work the other way around by keeping indoor heat from escaping out of cold, drafty bedroom windows. Thermal blackout curtains may also provide a certain degree of protection from outdoor noises, making it ideal for homes in busy residential areas.

Curtains, drapery and panels are traditional choices for darkening bedrooms and providing privacy as well as complementing interiors. Specific fabrics that cater to daytime sleepers have a special room-darkening layer that blocks out light from windows.


Paper Shades

Blackout paper window shades offer a quick and easy option for those on a budget. They can be bought inexpensively online or at home improvement centers and cut to size to fit any window.

Cellular or Honeycomb Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades with blackout or thermal layers not only provide excellent light control but are also energy-efficient solutions. They prevent energy loss by trapping air in individual cells, creating a cozy temperature-transfer barrier between drafty windows and interior rooms. These shades come in different shapes, styles and colors and can provide a lasting solution to light control and privacy.

Roller Shades

Blackout roller shades come in various thicknesses of light-blocking material depending on the degree of light control desired. For a bedroom, roller shades provide excellent relief from daylight

Blackout window shades offer excellent light control that are easily installed with inside or outside mounts and can be customized for every budget. From simple liner roller shades to elegant made-to-order honeycomb shades, they provide various degrees of light control and decor options to complement every bedroom.

Window Film

Although window film alone may not provide adequate darkness for daytime sleepers, it can be used in combination with other blackout treatments to enhance darkness and provide UV and heat relief. Certain window films can block out as much as 50 percent of radiant heat transfer and 95 percent of ultraviolet light, which can help reduce fading of bedroom fabrics and carpets exposed to direct sunlight.

Sleep Panels

Blackout sleep panels, an attractive alternative to traditional window treatments, can be tailored to fit your windowpane so that they can be easily inserted and removed as needed. These panels do not only provide excellent light reduction but also offer sound reduction, an important aspect for daytime sleepers.

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