How to Install a Sears Kenmore Garbage Disposal

Installation of any Kenmore garbage disposal is a relatively simple process but will require some strength and basic wiring skills. When you pick up the necessary plumbing supplies you can also ask for some pointers from the person working. If at any point during the installation process you feel uncertain, don't put yourself at risk. Electricity is dangerous and it is worth it to ask a friend or handyman if you don't feel safe.

Garbage disposal.
  1. Look under your sink and identify the trap. This is the U-shaped pipe that is attached to where the water first enters the drain. There will be nuts on either side of the trap. Use a pipe wrench or large pliers to unscrew and remove the trap. You will want to hold the plumbing while you unscrew each side to keep from breaking the PVC.
  2. Unscrew the strainer that leads from the sink to the drain. This is a round piece of metal and to remove it you need to unscrew the three bolts underneath the sink. They are long and will take many turns to remove fully. You can use a flathead screwdriver to pry the strainer up.
  3. Grab the new strainer that is supplied with the Kenmore garbage disposal and remove the large bolts. Using plumber's putty, put a bead around the opening in the drain. Insert the new strainer on top of the plumber's putty and press down firmly. Going back underneath the sink, reattach the three bolts to assemble and hold the strainer in place.
  4. Tap the dishwasher ring out of the Kenmore disposal if you will be using one. The ring is located on the side of the disposal unit. If your dishwasher is already hooked up separately, skip this step.
  5. Turn off your circuit breaker that controls the outlet below. You can check that the outlet is off by plugging in a light and trying to turn it on.
  6. Turn the disposal unit upside down and remove the metal plate exposing the wires. Connect the matching wires with wire nuts. There will be a white and black wire to connect. There will also be a ground wire, which is usually green. The wire nuts might or might not be supplied with the hardware. After connecting these wires, carefully push them back into the disposal unit and put the metal plate back on.
  7. Set the disposal unit on an upside down bucket or something similar so that you don't have to lift it too high to mount it. Get under the sink and align the metal plate on top of the disposal unit so that it twists in place under the drain. Use the hex wrench provided with the Kenmore washer to fully twist the plate until it snaps in place.
  8. Turn the disposal unit until it lines up with the drain pipe that was disconnected before. Using the nut, screw the pipe onto the garbage disposal unit. In many cases you will need to use a hacksaw to shorten the pipe to make it fit correctly.
  9. Plug the Kenmore unit into the wall and turn it on for a few seconds to make sure it is working well. Turn the water on for about a minute and check for leaks.

Things You Will Need

  • Plumber's putty
  • Large pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire nuts
  • Hose clamp
  • Hacksaw

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