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How to Remove Nicotine From an Air Duct

Charlie Bradley

Nicotine and cigarette smoke odors in heating and air conditioning ductwork can aggravate the symptoms of allergies related to tobacco smoke. Nicotine smoke odors may also prevent renters from being reimbursed the amount of their cleaning deposit upon moving from a rented home. Removing nicotine odors from the heating and air conditioning ducts can be done without the expense of calling for a repairman

Receptacle covers can become dirty over a period of time.
    Remove the screws that hold the receptacle cover in place.
  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the receptacle covers from each air conditioning vent in the household. Clean each vent cover with soap and hot water.

  2. Extended-handle feather dusters provide better dust removal for air ducts.
  3. Extend the handle of the feather duster to reach inside the duct. Remove as much dust from the duct as possible by gently but swiftly rotating the feather duster in a clockwise direction.

  4. Vacuum cleaners remove any dust left behind by the feather duster.
  5. Plug the vacuum cleaner into an AC outlet. Attach the crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner hose. Vacuum the remaining dust from the inside of the duct.

  6. Use a spray odor neutralizer to remove nicotine.
  7. Spray inside each duct with an odor-eliminator spray such as Air Wick Neutra Air, Febreeze or Oust Air Sanitizer. Determine which rooms have the most nicotine odor. Use more spray to eliminate heavier odors.

  8. Replace each receptacle cover using the screwdriver.

  9. Install a new filter in the air conditioning system even if the filter has been in use for under 30 days.

  10. Turn on the central air conditioning unit. The blower will circulate the cleaned air throughout the home. Continue to spray each room as needed until the smell of smoke has been removed from the home.