How to Donate Books & Magazines

Many people have piles of books and magazines they won't be reading any more, but don't want to throw away. One alternative to allowing reading material to take up space in your home is to donate them to a charity or other organization. You can free up space and help a good cause at the same time.


Donating books and magazines can free up space.
  1. Separate the books from the magazines by placing them in two different piles.

  2. Organize the books and magazines alphabetically to keep track of what you have.

  3. Pack the books and magazines into boxes. Label the boxes to indicate their contents.

Choose a Charity

  1. Contact a donation center, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Stores such as these are always looking for donations. You can drop the books and magazines off at the store for a tax rebate. Ask for a charitable donation tax receipt when you drop off the items.

  2. Donate books and magazines to your local library. Libraries are always in need of books, and your contribution can help expand the library's selection. Contact your library for specific information on donating books. If the library cannot use the books, a "friends of the library" association may accept your donation.

  3. Find a charity in your phone book, then contact them to see if they need any books or magazines donated. Some charities may even pick up your donated items, eliminating the need for you to drop them off.


  • Some charities may not accept magazines.
  • Other charities may have regulations on what books and magazines are considered acceptable for them.
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