How to Open the Clip on Vertical Blinds

Ann Vans

Vertical blind carrier clips hold the vertical blind vanes in place. Once a vane is inserted into the clip, the vane will rest on a hook that is inside of the carrier clip. The hook stops the vane from falling out of the clip. Different brands of vertical blinds may have different carrier clips. Sometimes, opening the carrier clip on your vertical blind can vary a bit in the way that you open the clip. Most of the time, the carrier clips are only opened while inserting or removing a vane.

Open the clip on a vertical blind.
  1. Read the instructions that came with your vertical blind to see if there are instructions for opening the clip on your vertical blind.

  2. Pull the cord on a corded vertical blind or pull the wand on a wand-control vertical blind to completely spread out the vanes from one end to the other of the vertical blind.

  3. Open the slats on the vertical blind by pulling the chain on a corded blind and twisting the wand on a wand-control blind.

  4. Examine the clip on the vertical blind to see how the vane rests on the hook inside of the clip. The vane should be on one side of the clip resting on a hook.

  5. Push the vane up slightly and move it to the opposite side of the clip from where it is hooked. This will push on the side of the clip and allow the clip to open. Pull down on the vane gently to see if it will come out of the clip. If the vane does not come out easily, the clip is not open or the vane is still hung on the hook.

  6. Use a credit card to open the clip and release the vane if necessary. Slide a credit card up the side of the vane to lift the vane off of the hook, the clip should open and release the vane.

  7. Open the clip to insert a vane. If you need to insert a vane, line up the hole in the vane to the center of the clip and lightly push the vane into the clip. This should open the clip for you to insert the vane.

  8. Move one side of the clip over slightly. If you were unable to open the clip on the vertical blind by using the steps above, push one side of the clip over slightly with your finger to open the clip. Only use light pressure to move the side of the clip so that you do not break the clip.