How to Make a Bucket Organizer

Naima Manal

Buckets make it easier to work with tools and supplies because can hold lots of stuff and are easy to carry. Enhance the convenience of carrying tools and supplies in a bucket by making a custom bucket organizer. A bucket organizer is like a slipcover that adds pocket storage to the outside of the bucket. Adding an organizer to your bucket will transform it into an organization center for your construction or repair job, or garden and craft projects.

Make a bucket organizer for your tools and supplies.
  1. Select a heavy-duty fabric for your bucket organizer that is durable enough to support the weight of tools, or select decorative upholstery or home décor fabrics if your bucket organizer is for craft projects.

  2. Measure the circumference of the bucket with a tape measure. Use this measurement as the width of your bucket organizer. Add two inches to this measurement for the seam allowance.

  3. Measure the height of your bucket. Combine this measurement with how long you want the outside pocket storage to be, typically around 12 to 15 inches. This total measurement is the length of your bucket organizer. For example, if your bucket is 20 inches tall, your bucket organizer's length will be 32 to 35 inches.

  4. Cut the pocket strip 8 inches long and make its width the width of the bucket organizer plus 10 inches. For example, if the width of the bucket organizer is 20 inches, you will work with a 30-inch width for your pocket storage.

  5. Hem one width end of the bucket organizer. Fold the edge over twice and stitch across. Set it aside.

  6. Hem the top edge of the pocket strip---fold it over twice and stitch across.

  7. Iron a fold across the bottom edge of the pocket. Fold pairs of vertical pleats in the pocket strip every 5 to 6 inches. Pin the pleats along the bottom edge of the pocket strip, and then pin the bottom edge of the pocket strip to the right side of the bucket organizer just above its end hemmed in Step 5.

  8. Stitch the bottom edge of the pocket strip to the bucket organizer. Sew vertical stitches in between the pairs of pleats to divide the pocket strip into individual pockets.

  9. Sew the side and bottom of the bucket organizer. Fold it lengthwise in half with the pockets on the inside. Pin the two edges together along its length starting at the hemmed end and then down and across the bottom. Stitch these seams together.

  10. Place the bucket organizer in the bucket without turning it inside out and fold its top edge down and over the sides of the bucket. Fit the bucket organizer flush with the inside bottom of the bucket, and then pull it down over the outside of the bucket.

  11. Organize your tools or craft items in your bucket organizer. Sort your tools or items by type, and place the smaller items in the pockets and the larger ones inside of the bucket.

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