How to Remove Wallpaper Border With Fabric Softener

Several products on the market will take wallpaper borders off walls. You really don't need them. All you need is a bottle of fabric softener, something you probably already have sitting in your laundry room. The same ingredients in this product that soften your laundry will loosen the adhesive that's holding the borders to the walls. Once the adhesive has lost its grip, it's easy to remove the borders.

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Remove the spray top off the bottle. Pour 1 qt. of warm tap water into the bottle.

Add a capful of fabric softener to the water. Screw the spray top back onto the bottle. Shake the bottle gently to mix the fabric softener and water together.

Spray the wallpaper borders thoroughly with the solution. Make sure the entire surface is wet, especially around the edges. Allow the fabric softener and water to soak into the material for a few minutes. Use a fingernail to lift the border up at an edge.

Pull the edge of the wallpaper border up. Continue to lift the rest of the border up. If it doesn't come up easily, spray more of the fabric softener and water solution on it. Let it soak a minute or so, then try again.

Things You Will Need

  • Spray bottle


  • To remove wallpaper border that has a strong adhesive, apply fabric softener full strength. Don't mix it with water. Soak a sponge with softener and apply it directly to the border.

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