How to Replace Grill Burners

Worn-out burners on a gas grill can be dangerous. If bits of the burner rust and break off, this can create a larger gas flame inside the grill. In some cases, the burner can become so clogged that a replacement is needed to restore normal operation. Removing the old burner and replacing it with a new one can add life to the gas grill and improve fuel efficiency. Many hardware and home improvement stores carry replacement burners for a variety of grill models.

Replacing worn-out burners can add years to the life of a gas grill.
  1. Disconnect the propane tank from the regulator valve by turning the black coupler on the end of the regulator tube counterclockwise. Move the gas tank away from the work area.

  2. Raise the grill cover and remove the cooking grate, as well as the ceramic briquettes or lava rocks below the grate. Lift out the grate over the old burners supporting the lava rocks or briquettes.

  3. Loosen the lock nut on the underside of the grill holding the burners in place. If the nut is not easy to remove using pliers, spray lubricant on the nut and bolt, wait several minutes and try again.

  4. Lift out the burners from the inside of the grill, turning them toward the front of the grill to remove the burner assembly and the twin tubes that insert through the grill bottom. Take the old burner to the store to match with a replacement, or write down the part number from the grill owner's manual.

  5. Insert the new burner into the grill, lowering the gas tubes into the holes in the bottom of the grill.

  6. Insert the burner's gas tubes from the underside of the grill into the two venturi tubes connected to the back of the control panel. The burner tubes fit loosely inside the venturi tubes, which have small screened holes on both sides. The locking bolt on the bottom of the burner must also fit through the bolt hole on the bottom of the grill.

  7. Secure the lock nut to the bolt below the grill and tighten with pliers to hold the burner securely.

  8. Replace the grate over the burner assembly and arrange the lava rocks or ceramic briquettes in a single layer over the grate, then set the cooking grate on top and close the grill cover.

  9. Reconnect the propane tank to the regulator.


  • Always disconnect the propane line from the grill when attempting repairs.
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