How to Troubleshoot Genie Intellicode

Genie Intellicode remote control transmitters operate Genie garage doors. Up to seven single button programmable remote controls can be used on one door. Intellicode refers to a rolling code security system that continuously changes the access code each time the remote is used. It's more secure than classic garage remote controls. The door responds to each code only once so that cloning of codes can't occur.

Genie Intellicode remote control transmitters operate Genie garage doors.
  1. Insert a new battery in the Genie Intellicode garage door opener remote. This ensures accurate and full-range transmission of the radio frequency.
  2. Move the remote control around the interior of the car if you get less than 25-feet of signal range. The remote control uses radio and radio signals can encounter problems with interference. If you can't get a signal, try a different position for the Genie Intellicode remote control in the car.
  3. Point the Intellicode control at the garage door when you press the Intellicode remote control's button. The remote control isn't as susceptible to blockages as an infra-red television remote but will have problems penetrating concrete walls. Try to get the door within line of sight of the remote if possible.
  4. Reposition the antenna wire at the receiver. Move it around a bit. Try the remote again each time you make a change.
  5. Reprogram the Genie remote control and give it a new code. Press the "Learn" button on the garage door opener motor and let it go. The light there will blink twice a second. Within 30 seconds, press the main button on the remote. The indicator light next to the Learn button will remain lit. Press the remote button again to test the door.

Things You Will Need

  • Fresh batteries


  • The Genie Intellicode remotes can also be HomeLink compatible. HomeLink is a Johnson Control product and allows built-in communication between certain HomeLink equipped vehicles and Genie Intellicode-equipped garage doors. Look for the HomeLink logo in your car's instruction book to learn more about it.

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