How to Clean Mirrors Without Leaving Smudges

Getting rid of smudges while cleaning bathroom and dresser mirrors can sometimes seem like a hopeless task. You may feel as if no glass-cleaning product in the world will help you get your mirror clean and smudge-free. Fortunately, with a squeegee and some hot soapy water, you can clean bathroom and dresser mirrors (with or without frames) so that they sparkle without smudges.

Use a squeegee to keep your mirrors shiny and smudge-free.
  1. Mix a squirt of liquid dish soap and about a cup of hot water in a small bowl.

  2. Roll up a dry towel. Place the towel underneath the mirror to protect the frame (if any) from dripping water and bubbles.

  3. Dip a scrub pad into the soapy water. Ring out about half of the water.

  4. Scrub the mirror with the soapy scrub pad. Scrub the mirror glass from top to bottom, wiping away any dirt, smudges or particles.

  5. Hold a squeegee tight against the mirror at the top right corner. Drag the squeegee from right to left in a row, moving along the top edge of the mirror. Wipe the squeegee dry on another dry towel.

  6. Continue wiping the mirror with the squeegee. Wipe in rows until all of the bubbles and water are wiped away from the glass. Run the dry towel along the edges and bottom of the mirror to soak up any remaining bubbles.