How to Fix a Scratch on a Sauder

Irene A. Blake

Sauder ready-to-assemble pre-fabricated furniture is made of compressed particleboard with a thin laminate exterior finish. Surface scratches in the laminate or deep scratches in the particleboard, as with regular wood furniture, detract from the furniture's appearance. Whether you scratched your Sauder furniture during or after assembly, fixing scratches requires little beyond sanding off any rough edges, if needed and using a color-matched touch-up marker--the one included by Sauder or one from a D-I-Y or hardware store--to fill in the scratch.

  1. Clean your scratched Sauder furniture with a damp cloth or furniture polish to remove any loose dirt or debris. Wipe any wet surfaces completely dry when finished.

  2. Remove the cap from your color-matched Sauder or generic touch-up marker and fill in the scratch and its edges. If rough edges stick up from the surface, sand the edges down level with the surface before using a touch-up marker.

  3. Wipe the area again with a soft, dry cloth to remove any excess marker stain from the furniture's undamaged laminate. Repeat the touch-up as needed. Wait 24 hours and wipe the surface again with polish.